5th Wedding Anniversary

The fifth wedding anniversary is an achievement not to be overlooked.

I personally found it challenging to find my husband something that represented the 5th anniversary chart - wood. I ended up getting him a sign that looked like wood. Lol My thoughts then and still are now, you want to give a gift that represents your love, something that shows you put thought and attention into the gift. Whether it is wood or not. It just needs to come from your heart.

I cant speak for all woman but I can speak for my self. I just want to be cherished, adored, and loved. I want to be treated like a princess. I am often guided by emotions. If you nurture them the chances are she will nurturer you 😉

What should the budget be for the fifth anniversary gift. My suggestion would be would you can afford. If you cant afford more than $40 then stay within that budget. Remember it is the thought that counts. Put thought into it. Be creative. If you are not creative then reach out to someone who is.

The handmade route is always a winner. It really shows your woman that you are willing to take the time to make her something. We are sentimental and dig those things. If you have children include them in the gift. It is a win win!

Here are a few suggestions that we can offer at Decades Collide. But here's a hint, if she hates cooking, don’t by her pots and pans, and if your wife traveling don't buy her a cruise. 

If your wife loves to entertain and cook, then consider one of our charcuterie planks. They range from $45-$149

Be you, she loves you, she married you. Just remind her once in a while why she married you ;)


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