Our Roots

Decades Collide was founded by a husband and wife team. Ashley and Kendra. Ashley brings his background as a welder, and Kendra brings her background as a designer. Both have backgrounds in inventing product lines.

Decades Collide was a hobby/outlet that turned into a growing business! Kendra was born for craftsmanship, and has always had a desire to create things that are beautiful and unique. 

And so...Decades Collide was born.


Our Work

Our products are created with great care and great detail. All of our love, time and energy goes into creating each unique piece of functional art. 
Each of our creations are elegant and luxurious - and customized to your taste. 
We use Lightning as our medium. By using high-voltage electricity, we burn fractal patterns into wood and create beautiful, functional pieces of art. Each of our pieces are completely unique, and provide the perfect gift or accent to your home décor. 
Each of our burns are different from one another. We have no control over the pattern but we do have a way of manipulating it!
The end result... a one of a kind piece that will last the test of time 

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