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Corporate Gifts

Don’t give another coffee mug!

Show your employees, customers, or your prospective customers how much you value them with a beautiful unique gift, like a charcuterie plank from Decades Collide. We use high voltage electricity to burn beautiful fractal patterns into wood. Each of our pieces are completely unique and will make an impression while helping your company meet it’s goals.

Benefits of Corporate Gifting

There are many ways that a thoughtful corporate gift can help you meet your company goals. With Decades Collide you can make a lasting impression on prospective clients, create brand loyalty with existing clients, as well as improve moral/loyalty with your employees.

Increase likelihood of getting business from prospects.

If an individual is not yet your customer, he may become a convert if you send well-timed, useful corporate gifts. The idea of receiving personalized gifts for businesses can do a lot to spur a prospect into finally pushing through with an intended purchase, choosing to book an appointment for a service that you provide, or going out of his way to call and learn more about your offers.

Ensure continuity of partnership with clients.

Your relationship with current clients also needs to be taken care of. Letting them know that you value their business is of prime importance, and sending useful corporate gifts is a way to do this. The practice of sending the best corporate gifts for clients lets them know that you find them valuable and even encourage them to become brand ambassadors for your company. Routinely giving out great corporate gift ideas to regular clients can also help to restart interactions and transactions, especially if the last one was a while back.

Improve employee loyalty and commitment.

Giving gifts ideas to your employees, when carefully thought of, enhances an individual’s feelings of being valued by the corporation. Corporate gifts show your employees, you recognize their efforts and recognize a job well done. This can even spur them to do better at their job because of the extrinsic motivation that you have provided. This is even more so when you give memorable, unique gifts as the memorability factor heightens the feeling that the gift was a thoughtful and genuine expression of gratitude. If you have ever wanted your employees to have a better sense of connection and belongingness to your team, a beautiful and unique corporate gift is a great way to go.

Reinforce Company Values

If your company values any of the following a charcuterie board from Decades Collide will reinforce these values and make a generous contribution to your brand identity. Our charcuterie boards tell your employees and customers that you value:
• Items that are handmade
• Items that are made In Canada
• Supporting local artisans
• Supporting local small business

Customize It!

We offer laser engraving which gives you the ability to make your gift personalized. Have names, quotes, or a personal message added to your gift and really make an impression.*

* please allow an additional 2-3 weeks for laser engraving


The following statistic were gathered from the Knack Business Gifting Strategy Report. This was a comprehensive study done on the impact of corporate gift giving on businesses in the united states.

C-Suite executive beliefs that have caused non-cash business gifts to become a $125B market in the US?

  • A full 94% believe that personal relationships are important to business success
  • As proof of that belief, 90% are willing to spend their personal time strengthening relationships with partners and clients
  • 89% believe that business gifts bring people closer together
  • 83% believe that business gifts generate measurable positive ROI in addition to intangible benefits

What do the recipients of those gifts think when they receive a business gift?

  • 77% say business gifts make them feel appreciated
  • 67% believe the gift demonstrates that the giver values their relationship
  • 59% of business partners believe the giver thinks they did a good job
  • 40% report increased loyalty and a desire to work with the company longer
  • 40% report feeling more connected to the business partner, and the degree of connectedness increases by 50% when the gift received is “memorable”

Gift recipients who describe their gifts from business partners as “very memorable” are:

  • 34% more likely to say they feel more connected to the giver
  • 28% more likely to report wanting to work with the gift giver longer

One of the best ways to make something "Very Memorable" is to give something that is unique, useful and thoughtful. Charcuterie Planks from Decades Collide are all three of these things.