Ways to Stay Inspired as a Creative Person

Being creative is fun, exciting and a great outlet for many people. But, do you ever find yourself feeling like you just lack some inspiration or like you are creating but nothing is feeling great?
As a creative, I get it. We all find ourselves falling into a creative funk sometimes so I’ve put together some of the things I do to help shake up my creativity again.
  • Experiment with a different medium (if you are a painter, try...

Functional Art - How We Make Them with SvB Events!

We wanted to share some exciting news with you today!

Decades Collide will be a vendor at the upcoming  Just For Her – A Weekend for Women event on May 5th & 6th!

We are so excited to be able to be a part of this fabulous event hosted by SvB Events and to showcase what we do and why we love it.


We were recently lucky enough to have the owner of SvB Events – Shaulyn van Baaren join us at our workshop to see just how we create one of our...

Calgary! This one is for you!

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I am turning into a minimalist, kinda sorta but not really?!?

So, I don't think I am a minimalist. Perhaps I am a  "declutter-ist" Certainly not a word in the English language, however, I will just go with it!

A Timeless & Truly Special Wedding Gift

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