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Electrified British Columbia Charcuterie Plank - Handcrafted, Customizable, Ideal for Gifting


ūüĆ≤ Discover the Natural Elegance of British Columbia: Our British Columbia Charcuterie Plank brings the majestic beauty of BC to your table. Each plank is a celebration of this province‚Äôs diverse landscapes, from the rugged coastline to the serene forests.

Artistry Meets Nature with the Lichtenberg Technique: Experience the allure of the Lichtenberg process, where controlled electricity creates mesmerizing, tree-like fractal patterns on the wood. This unique technique ensures that every BC Charcuterie Plank is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Proudly Handcrafted in Calgary, Alberta: Our charcuterie planks are lovingly crafted by skilled artisans in Calgary, showcasing the best of Canadian craftsmanship. By choosing our products, you’re supporting a community of local artists and craftsmen.

Customizable to Reflect Your Story: We offer the option to personalize your charcuterie plank with laser engraving. Whether it's a name, a logo, or a special message, we make each plank a reflection of your personal or corporate identity. (additional cost applies)

Versatile and Unique Gift Idea: These planks make an exquisite gift, suitable for any occasion. Whether it’s a corporate event, a personal celebration, or just a token of appreciation, our BC Charcuterie Plank is sure to impress.

Ideal for Elegant Entertaining: Transform your gatherings with a plank that is not only functional but also a captivating centerpiece. Serve your favorite culinary delights on a board that embodies the essence of British Columbia.


Benefits to Cherry Wood:

  • Cherry wood is hardy and doesn't¬†ding and scratch¬†like other woods.
  • Cherry wood colors range from blonde to reddish brown.¬†
  • Our boards are rich in color and naturally beautiful.¬†
  • Cherry is also a forever-changing wood. It darkens with age.¬†

Product Features:

  • Material:¬†Cherry¬†
  • Dimensions:¬†12.5'' x 6.5"
  • Serves: 1 - 2 people¬†
  • Made locally in Calgary, Alberta
  • Caring instructions:¬†

    To ensure the longevity and beauty of your charcuterie plank, follow these simple care steps:

    1. Cleaning: After each use, clean the board with a damp cloth and mild dish soap. Avoid soaking it in water or putting it in the dishwasher, as prolonged exposure to water can damage the wood.

    2. Drying: After washing, dry the plank thoroughly with a clean towel. Then, let it air dry completely before storing. Avoid drying it in direct sunlight or near heat sources, as this can cause the wood to warp or crack.

    3. Regular Oiling: To keep the wood from drying out and cracking, regularly oil your plank with a food-safe mineral oil or a specialized wood conditioner. Apply a generous amount of oil, let it soak in for a few hours or overnight, and then wipe off any excess. Doing this every month or so will help maintain the wood's natural luster.

    4. Avoiding Stains and Odors: If your plank starts to pick up food stains or odors, you can lightly sand the surface with fine-grit sandpaper and re-oil it. This will often refresh the board's appearance.

    5. Storing: Store your plank in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. It's best to store it flat to prevent warping.

    6. Not for Cutting: To maintain the beauty of the engraved and decorative surfaces, we recommend using your charcuterie plank for serving only, not as a cutting board.

    7. Handling With Care: Avoid dropping or banging the plank, as this can cause chips or cracks in the wood.

    By following these care instructions, your charcuterie plank will remain a beautiful and functional part of your entertaining for many years to come.

ūüõíEmbrace the Splendor of British Columbia with our unique charcuterie planks. Visit¬† to shop this stunning representation of BC‚Äôs natural beauty!


Wood: Cherry